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Full Version: Failed to grab 1gb of continuous memory
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Hello! I'm new here and first my System

Processor: AMD Processor Model unknown (he doesnt know it)
Graphics Card: Nvidia GeForce 9400 GT (1033 MB)
Ram: 1GB Ram
Core: 1

Whenever I start a game I get this error: Failed to grab 1gb of continuous memory. Then the window of dolphin opens and then I get "Dolphin.exe has detected a problem and must be closed"
then I'm on my Desktop.
The reason, why I dont use the Search Function is the following:
I know the reason: It's my Internet Explorer. On Internet Explorer 6 everything worked fine for me. Then when some Updates came up, I had to install Internet Explorer 7. On this I get this error, also on IE 8. I can get down to IE 6 again, but then this happens:
Everything works fine but after 30-45 Seconds the Screen freezes for 1-2 Seconds and then it runs fine again. After 30-45 Seconds the same again...
In this 2 Seconds I looked in my Task Manager: the iexplore.exe has a utilization of 00 (so the general is like 5 %). But in this 2 Seconds the utilization of iexplore.exe goes up to 100 (so 100%). After that, a Sound of a Windows Error occurs and it runs fine again.
It's not only in Dolphin, also in Games like Crossfire, Counter-Strike: Source etc.

So is there a way to play it with IE8/IE6 without freezes?

I'll scan my System for Trojans, Malware etc. and the reply again
Which Operating System do you have? Do you have any antivirus running in the background? When you look in the task manager is your memory usage unusually high? Also which version of dolphin are you using?


System: Windows XP Home Edition SP3
Yes AVG Anti Virus Free but I dont know how to close it
No everything fine generally 0-5 %
Im Using Build 2962
Your build is old download and use this


The Build is working, but really Slow (half-speed, 2962 was working on full-speed).
So is there no resolution with my Dolphin-IE Problem?
Mm...In the newest builds it looks like speed is a bit slow, but many things has bee fixed.
You could try a different explorer like Mozilla Firefox.


im using always firefox.
But iexplore.exe is turned on in task manager everytime. I can play at my old 2962 Build again, because Im using IE 6 at the moment. But these freezes are there again, too. So games run pretty good, but with little freezes.
Edit: Is there really no one who can help me on this freezes problem? Im also having the problem now when Im playing games in fullscreen and also in Windowd Mode, it minimizes itself after a minute.
On Fullscreen: Game freezes until I click on it
Windowd: The Same

Can some1 help me with this?