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Full Version: Baten Kaitos Lava Caves Artifacts
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I came across this issue today, but it's pretty blatant:

Revision 5.0-1471:

 [Image: pIVJMBQ.jpg]

Revision 5.0-1473 ( [color=#333333]PixelShaderGen: Fix incorrect indexing of tevLerpBias ([/color][color=#428bca]PR #4514[/color][color=#333333] from [/color][color=#428bca]stenzek[/color][color=#333333])[/color] ):

[Image: iiwaitw.jpg]

I've also attached my Baten Kaitos save file (From the save, just walk right one area and up one room to get to the offending area.)
Thanks for the bisect.

In case Stenzek does not have the game, can you also get a FIFO log (Tools > FIFO player)? A few frames should be enough. Then compress it in a zip. It compresses well. Use or whatever if the forum doesn't let you upload it.
I grabbed a fifolog from the savefile and sent it forward. Should be good to go.