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Full Version: Miis have become uneditable.
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I recently had some friends over and decided to play wii on Dolphin with them, so we fired up the Mii channel and created some new Miis for them.

A little while later, I noticed that while their Miis were editable, my old Miis have now donned blue trousers and have become uneditable. I don't know when this happened, but I assume it was before I created the new Miis (I don't edit the old ones often, so I really have no idea.)

A couple of questions then:

1) What causes this to happen and is it preventable?
2) Is it reversible, or do I need to recreate all my old Miis?

I *have* updated Dolphin several times since I created the Miis, but I keep my nand dump in a separate folder and have never touched it.

Any help, even to say my cause is lost would be appreciated.

i don't remember seeing it happen, but changing the mac address of dolphin would cause this.
if you can compare a new mii with an old mii look at bytes 0x1c -0x1f (systemID source)
if they don't match make a backup first, then try replacing the systemID of the old miis with the systemid from the new mii
(04-28-2012, 01:48 PM)LPFaint99 Wrote: [ -> ]i don't remember seeing it happen, but changing the mac address of dolphin would cause this.
if you can compare a new mii with an old mii look at bytes 0x1c -0x1f (systemID source)
if they don't match make a backup first, then try replacing the systemID of the old miis with the systemid from the new mii

Thanks for the help!

This is actually the 2nd time it has happened to me. The first time I assumed it was because I had updated, hence why I now keep my nand dump separate.

As for your advice, unfortunately I don't really understand it... When you say mac address, do you mean of the lan card in my PC? Because that certainly hasn't changed.

Also, how would I go about comparing them?

Sorry for being such a noob.


Where is the dolphin systemid stored and how is it generated? Is it possible to change it?

I really don't care about losing the data of the new miis (they were only used once), but my older ones have a lot of Wii Sports resort data associated with them and I'm scared to lose it...
i was thinking that dolphin used a hardcoded mac address that might have been changed, but it looks like dolphin uses the mac address from a network adapter on your computer, if you still have the same network adapter, some possibilities include adding another physical network adapter or adding a virtual network adapter.

i had thought that the format of the mii database file was listed on wiibrew but I must have been thinking of another file.

you could try the mii extractor and examine the individual mii files using the information from the mii data wiibrew page, but unfortunately I don't think there is an easy fix.

at the very least, save a copy of <NAND>/shared2/menu/FaceLib/RFL_DB.dat which is where mii data is stored, and you can restore it from a backup if necessary
Thanks so much for your help.

I have discovered that if I edit the mii's id, then I would lose all its save data from Wii Sports Resort. I think I am just going to scrap them and create them again from scratch.

Before I do this though, I would like to know: is it possible to prevent this from happening in the future - perhaps by locking the system ID or by editing it somehow? Where is the system ID stored? Is it in the sysconf file? Is it generated by Dolphin or is it in my NAND dump? It's really very confusing to a noob like me, but I really want to prevent this happening in the future.

Thanks again for your help.
This is becoming unbearable. They have become uneditable again...

All I have done in the meantime is reset the BIOS and OC my PC. Why would this cause them to become uneditable?
No - A BIOS reset and overclocking have nothing to do with this.
So what on earth could be causing it? Before I did the OC, when the Miis were editable, I backed up my entire Wii directory fearing that something like this might happen. Even when I restore the directory from the backup they are uneditable. I just don't get it.

1) What is it that says the miis cannot be edited? => systemid I think.
2) Where is the system id stored, how is it generated and can it be changed once it has been generated?

Edit: The only other things I can think of is that I moved the sata cable of the blu-ray drive in my PC and I rearranged some of the usb devices. That's all. Is this a bug, or am I just doing something incredibly stupid? Is a portable copy of Dolphin impossible?
Although I haven't found the reason for this particularly frustrating issue, I've found a work-around (for Wii Sports Resort at least) that seems to work well and allows you to keep your saves.

1) Discover you can no longer edit Miis.
2) Go to Mii Channel, erase Miis and re-create them.
3) Start Wii Sports Resort
4) Go to settings, Change Player List
5) You will see your old characters' silhouttes; click one of them.
6) Select the Mii that you would like to transfer the records to.
7) Repeat from 5 for each Mii.

So now, even though you have to re-create your Miis from scratch you won't lose all of your records in Sports Resort. I don't know if other games using Miis have this facility however.
i've stumbled upon the same issue and did some further research. it seems, that dolphin generates it's MAC-address from the first network adapter of the system it is running on. this can be a network card, a bluetooth adapter, or also a virtual network adapter installed by a software like vmware or a VPN-software like hamachi or tunngle.

now every MII is saved with a system ID, which is generated from dolphin's MAC-address, and defines this system as the "owner" of the MII. a MII ist only editable on a system which matches that ID. this means, that any change in the network configuration of the host system (which may just be the de-/installation of a software) can result in the MIIs becoming uneditable.

i've just created a new issue on dolphin's bug tracker, suggesting to set a fixed MAC-address or make the MAC-address configurable via the settings. that way, it would always stay the same, and the MIIs would always stay editable.

hopefully a developer will look into this.
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